International Stress Awareness Week, November 7-11 2022

"Every year, International Stress Awareness Week raises awareness for stress-related mental health issues, including the stigma preventing people’s recovery and the importance of stress management

Coined in 2018, International Stress Awareness Week expanded upon Stress Awareness Day, which started in 1998, to draw further attention to the issue. Founded from one of the most important international days, the event works in unison with the Mental Health Awareness campaign to impact business leaders, Governments, and the public alike. The purpose of Stress Awareness Week is to highlight the physical and mental impact of stress, as well as what we must all do to safeguard our well being.

As Covid-19 has caused an increase in mental health issues, particularly loneliness and grief, this International Stress Awareness Week will focus on emotional management. It will also discuss the lack of investment in mental health services, as highlighted by the pandemic's devastating impact. With 74% of people reportedly unable to cope with the levels of stress in their lives, stress management is more important now than ever."

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