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Psychological testing is a service that utilizes psychometric tests to assess the impact of trauma, intellectual capacity, existence of learning disabilities, suicidal potential, vocational disabilities, treatment recommendations, and diagnostic clarification.

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  • Psychological Testing is available for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Projective and Academic Testing Available
  • Referrals may be made by CSI Therapists and outside referrals (prior authorization may be required)

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Springfield, MA: 413.739.5572
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If interested in making a referral, please contact our intake department and they will take your information, including health insurance information, preferences for therapists, and when you are available to be seen. We welcome referrals from individuals, family members, primary care providers, DCF workers and other helping professionals.

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Springfield, MA: 413.739.5572
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Do you wonder if your child plays too much-and even relies on playing daily? How about-  who's my child playing with online….where are they from….how old are they…? As a psychotherapist who consults with families during treatment, I often find there is a family discussion around….are they actually asleep or up gaming? Also, parents may feel concerned watching their children play and think...Why do they get so mad when they play?

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