Forensic Family Assessments

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Community Services Institute is fiercely dedicated to the "best interest of the child." The Family Forensic Assessment (FFA) program provides an in-depth private parenting and child welfare evaluation services for community stakeholders in need of an mental health expert and evaluator.

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Evaluation Conducted by Psychologist or Mental Health Professionals

Our Forensic Family Assessment program is an evaluation service conducted by a psychologist or mental health professional to aide state agencies or lawyers in family and probate court. The evaluation is submitted to the judge to help determine parental custody and placement of children. The purpose of the evaluation is to answer specific referral questions utilizing record reviews, clinical interviews, observation, professional consultation, and self-report measures to assess parenting skills and ability, as well as bonding and attachment amongst a child and their caregivers.

Who might seek a Family Forensic Assessment evaluation?

  • Committee for Public Counseling Services (CPCS)
  • Department of Children and Families (DCF)
  • Private Counsel
  • Guardian Ad Litems (GAL)
  • Department of Mental Health (DMH)
  • Department of Developmental Disability Services (DDS)


If interested in making a referral, please contact our intake department and they will take your information, including health insurance information, preferences for therapists, and when you are available to be seen. We welcome referrals from individuals, family members, primary care providers, DCF workers and other helping professionals.

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