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Community Services Institute (CSI) was developed, using a community outreach model as a response to the de-institutional movement of the early 1980s. During this time, long-term psychiatric hospitals were replaced with community mental health services. CSI strives to offer outreach therapeutic services in a variety of settings including home, community, schools and now telehealth.

Sacco Family

Community Mental Health

The concept of a community mental health clinic offering home and school-based services was created at the kitchen table in the Sacco's family home in East Boston, MA where Frank and his brother, Jim, were raised. Originally named the Institute as Newton, home and school-based services began to be offered in Boston where CSI still maintains a clinic today. Soon a second location was opened in Springfield, MA and the name of the clinic was eventually changed to Community Services Institute.

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Game controller

Do you wonder if your child plays too much-and even relies on playing daily? How about-  who's my child playing with online….where are they from….how old are they…? As a psychotherapist who consults with families during treatment, I often find there is a family discussion around….are they actually asleep or up gaming? Also, parents may feel concerned watching their children play and think...Why do they get so mad when they play?

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