The Scholars Corner

As part of our mission to give caregivers the tools they need to keep their families together and their children safe, Community Services Institute continues to host distinguished scholars in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

These visiting scholars are part of the ongoing work of teaching and training CSI interns and clinicians to understand the complex field of child abuse and neglect honoring the late Anna Freud’s “The Best Interest of the Child.”

Past Speakers

2016 – Salmon Akhtar, M.D.
Recipient of 2012 Sigourney Award

2015 – Glen Gabbard, M.D.
Recipient of 2000 Sigourney Award

2014 – Stuart Twemlow, M.B.Ch.B.
Recipient of 2012 Sigourney Award

2013 – Vamik Volkan, M.D.
Recipient of 2015 Sigourney Award

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