About CSI


Nearly 30 years ago CSI began offering mental health services in Massachusetts as part of the De-Institutional movement of the 1970’s when long-stay psychiatric hospitals were replaced with community mental health services.  The Massachusetts Department of Social Services (now called DCF) began to use CSI as a tool in fighting victimization of vulnerable children and families receiving DSS services.   CSI has been fiercely committed to keeping families living together in the community through the use of psychotherapy supported by psychiatric evaluation, medication backup, and a psychology department with extensive expert experience in psychological testing, parenting evaluations, and risk assessment.

Our Mission

The mission of Community Services Institute is to give caregivers the tools they need to keep their families together and their children safe.  CSI clinicians honor the proud legacy of the late Anna Freud’s  “The Best Interest of the Child” in all clinical work using psychology to understand the complex field of child abuse and neglect.