Esketamine nasal spray new option to treat depression

Esketamine nasal spray new option to treat depression

The FDA recently approved the careful clinical use of a psychedelic agent — esketamine — to assist in the treatment of serious and resistant mental impairments.

Psychedelic treatment has been demonized over the past half-century and is often misunderstood as a treatment option. Effective use of psychedelics requires a careful approach that emphasizes safety and sound clinical oversight.  Psychedelics, including cannabis, have the ability to motivate clients to explore their mindsets.  THC can open the door to a variety of hypnotic states that can be used  by therapists to treat mental impairments.

In the 1960s, psychedelic treatment offered great hope for the field of psychiatry. The value of psychedelic treatment was destroyed due to the shenanigans of Timothy Leary, popularizing of the recreational use of LSD as a way to drop-out and tune-in. This situation of demonizing psychedelics has negatively impacted the effective use of cannabis in psychotherapy. Society is now awakening to the clear value in using the properties of psychedelics to treat serious mental health problems.

Few people know that Bill W(ilson), founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), began his sobriety after a ketamine experience.  Psychedelics are now being used to treat a variety of stubborn cases such as combat PTSD, end of life, and serious alcohol addiction. Psychedelics create a mental perspective that can encourage positive life changes. 

Hopefully, the use of psychedelics will lose its demonized image. Society’s lumping together psychedelics with dangerous and destructive street drugs has hampered the use of psychedelics as a healing agent. News about Esketamine opens the door for a healthier view of the value of psychedelics to assist in the treatment of the most serious mental impairments. 

Cannabis and psychotherapy is a good place to start.

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