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Frank SaccoFrank Sacco, Ph.D., President of Community Services Institute, co-wrote a featured article for CNN Opinion titled “Clues your child is bullied, and what to do“.

Since 1984, Frank Sacco has pioneered home-based mental health programs for families with multiple problems. He is a consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit. Frank Sacco recently co-wrote “Why School Anti-Bullying Programs Don’t Work.”

An excerpt of the referenced article…

(CNN) – It’s difficult for parents to know if their child is a bully or a bully’s victim. Children will not tell you, so you need to be tuned in to your child every day.

You can pick up on subtle clues, but this takes time and a certain amount of luck. Bad things can happen to children even if the parents do everything right.

Parents can recognize victimization the easiest. Children who are victimized show sudden shifts in behavior, such as getting poor grades after receiving good grades in the past. They may exhibit “Mondayitis,” seeming sad and making excuses not to go to school, or if they’re young, they may cry.

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